Our collection has the same age as the mathematical education in the University, and its developing daily. Thanks to several donations, gifts, purposful expanding, and exchanges, nowadays our library count as a serious, remarkable mathematical collection.

The previous "Library of the Mathematical Istitute and Faculty of Informatics" is named "Library of Mathematics" from 2012, since the Faculty of Informatics wanted to place their own stocks in the UDUNL Social Sciences Library.

Our collection consists most of books and journals which are ordered in closed storages.

To the storage except the librarians - only the lecturers, the institutional staff and PhD-students allowed to go in!

Rooms of the library:

  • office
  • corridor - paper and online catalog
  • reading room (with PC-s) - handbooks, textbooks and journal issues for local using
  • small reading room (for lecturers and PhD students) - new journal issues, heritage and the newest books
  • (big) storage (for lecturers and PhD students) - most part of books and journals
  • small storage (only for librarians) - other journals, theses, dissertations and digital documents


There are approximately 26 000 books in our Library, most of them are (limited) loanable. The storage is closed, so you can search only by catalogs.

Paper catalog (up to 1997):

  • alphabetical catalog by author and title
  • catalog by local classification

The paper catalog is next to the indoor (on the right side). It is terminated in 1997. The present state of the monographs is not updated except in the online database.

Online catalog:
99,9 % of our books are listed in the UDUNL Catalogue with "UD Library of Mathematics" location (library code: D1/20).
In the corridor there is a PC for direct searching.

Heritage books

Since 2000 we have received some special collections. Most of them are in the small reading room, the other books are in the storage on the "7A" shelves. Here are some documents about the possessors.

Protected books

In 2015 we have created a special collection of old books (some copies before 1900) in a closet of the office. They are protected and not loanable.




In the small storage of the library are theses (from 1961-2009 period), about 1200 printed and about 500 on CD/DVD. You can download free the Excel tabales. From 2010, students of the Faculty of Science are required to upload theses, to the electronic repository of DEA.

Rules of upload of the electronic format

Electronical documents

The following categories of electrinic documents can be found in the Library:

  • book attachments: loanable with the book;
  • theses (2002-2009);
  • multimedia, CD-ROMs: f.e. dictionaries;
  • softwares: installed the appropriate departments to use.